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👁‍🗨📹 Perfect Security Cam Doesn't Exis...

Say goodbye to bulky and expensive security camera systems, and say hello to BulbCam360, a super-portable state-of-the-art security camera that requires no messy installation, simply screws in like a normal bulb into any E27 light fixture, and has many more advanced features than a regular security cam in a cheaper price!



🛠 No Drilling, No Wires, No Fuss

It doesn't require wiring, batteries, or adapters. Just screw in like any other light bulb - no fuss, no mess. It screws into any E27 light bulb socket, turns on and is ready to give you an eye in the sky 24/7.

Save 100s in Installation Costs💸. Simply Plug & Play!


▶️ Easy PlayBack Via SD Card- NO Monthly Subscription

This camera supports loop & Motion based recording on SD Card, which can be viewed from the mobile app from anywhere (No need to remove the SD card to check the recordings). No mandatory monthly cloud storage required - It has a slot to hold an SD Card that keeps your recordings safe physically! However, the cloud subscription is available for a better experience.



🔥These bad boys went viral last holiday season

Last holiday season BulbCam360 got viral generating thousands of comments in a few days. How's that? And now we are back again, stronger!


Dual Band- Supports both 5GHz and 2.4Ghz

Usually, 2.4 GHz security cameras are ideal for long-range while 5 GHz counterparts are optimal for shorter range. With dual band wireless support, you can install your BulbCam360 wherever you like!


🔁 Panoramic view- No Blind Spots

The use of a 360-degree panoramic field of vision with the ability to Pan-Tilt-Rotate eliminates any potential blind spots and provides complete coverage. Additionally, the camera's rotation can be controlled remotely through a mobile phone. You can see the entire space, effectively replacing around two regular cameras. Therefore, 1 BulbCam360 = 2 Regular Cameras.  


👀 Remote Live Viewing- Check In From Anywhere 

You can remotely control the viewing angle through the camera App, which you can download by scanning the QR code on installation manual. So, you can view it anywhere, anytime through your iPhone/Android phone or tablets.


🌚 Night-Mode For Maximum Security

The Camera enhanced night vision uses high-intensity IR LEDs that illuminate details in crisp, clear night vision, up to 25 feet. Functions such as app push alerts and smart motion detection especially benefit from better night vision. If you set the light to 'Auto', camera lights up as soon as it detects any movement. It connects to a 2.4G router for a 1080P HD and 2MP day infrared night vision. 


🚨Motion Sensing, Loud Siren & Real-Time Alerts 

BulbCam360 comes with a motion sensor, which records the movement once detected, and sends you alerts on your phone app through internet. If you set the light to 'Auto', camera lights up as soon as it detects any movement. It has a built-in loud siren, which can be sounded to scare away the intruders.



🔊 2-Way Audio/Intercom

 Built in high quality Mic and speaker, the bulb security camera allows you to communicate with family or otherwise through the app whenever & wherever you are, which is a perfect monitoring system for schools, offices and homes.



📷 📷 Add As Many As Required!

Easily mix and match with other BulbCams360 to create the perfect security setup for your home. You can install it indoors or outdoors as long as it is protected from rain.



You Get:






Will it fit into my garage bulb base?

It fits any standard (E27) light bulb socket.

Does it have a light too?

Absolutely! BulbCam has a 4 bright LEDs, which are bright enough to light up a dark spot.

What's included in the box?

1x E27 Socket, 1xBulbCam360 Security Camera, 1x Set of screws, 1x Instruction Manual. 

Can I use it outdoors?

It is not waterproof but you can use it outdoors as long as it is protected from rain.

Is there a monthly Subscription ?

Only if you need to store your contents on the cloud. Otherwise, just store it on your SD card for no monthly charges. 

Do I need to delete the footage once the card is full?

Once the memory is full, it will overwrite itself. So, there's no need to manually delete anything. The app provides cloud storage at an extra cost but it's not a must. You can still watch live if you don't have an SD card, you just won't be able to save it.

Does it need wifi?

Not necessarily, but you do need it if you want to access it remotely on your phone and receive alert notifications, like when you're not in vicinity of the cam. Otherwise, you can use Hotspot as well.

What's the largest memory card it takes?

You can use a card upto 128GB.

Does it come with a Bayonet Base?

Not yet. But you can 'Add FlexiHolder' - 'AU Australian Plug (to E27 Holder)' to your order from the dropdown menu. It will allow you to plug your cam on any AU wall outlet of your choice.



#BulbCam360 #BulbCamera 

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